Which Is The Safest Airline In The Middle East?

Publsihed on Forbes.com, 23 May 2016

In the wake of the EgyptAir crash on May 19, the safety record of Middle East airlines is again under scrutiny. So if you’re flying in the region, which carrier might give you the greatest peace of mind?

EgyptAir is probably not the answer. It has one of the worst fatality records among Middle East airlines. Some 502 people have lost their lives on board its planes in 11 separate fatal incidents, according to the Aviation Safety Network (ASN).

That isn’t the highest figure though. Some 549 people have died on Iran Air planes and 645 have died on Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudia) flights. These are absolute numbers, of course, and don’t take into account the number of flights or the number of passengers carried. Overall, there have been 93 fatal accidents involving major Middle East carriers, with a total death toll of 4,692, according to the ASN.

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