A victory against interfering royals

Justice Vos ruled today in the High Court that Qatari Diar did breach its contract with CPC over the development of the Chelesea Barracks site - an expensive plot of land in a pricey part of town. Here's a copy of the summary judgement issued on 25 June The case hinged on why exactly the Qatari company withdrew its planning application, and whether it was because of Prince Charles telling the Emir of Qatar that he didn't like it. CPC said yes; Qatari Diar said no. Vos went with CPC.

In his summary, Vos says he wasn't able to accept all of Qatari Diar's evidence and that while he found CPC's Candy "a broadly truthful witness" he said Al-Saad "was not a completely reliable witness".

All a bit embarrassing for the Qataris, but it's not a complete victory for CPC (the judge criticised both sides) and it's not clear just how much damages it will be awarded.

What it definitely is, though, is a positive development for anyone who doesn't like the idea of unelected royals interfering in the planning process just because they don't like something. If only Prince Charles would learn...

There's a Guardian story on it here