Electioneering in Egypt

Just back from a visit to Egypt. In many parts of Cairo you wouldn’t know they were about to elect a new parliament in just a couple of days, but in the poorer parts of town the posters are everywhere. Of course it’s the faces of National Democratic Party candidates that line the walls – other posters just get torn down. In Alexandria, there are green posters up on lampposts and the sides of buildings all over Saad Zaghloul Square and around El Raml tram station – urging Gamal Mubarak to stand in the presidential election next year.

The posters for Gamal say: A revolution of love...a people's intifada Yes, we support you Gamal Mubarak We choose you and support you and pledge our allegiance to you for the presidency of the republic His supporters and those who love him, Engineer Mohamed Morsi Faheem, Engineer Nasser Rashid Dheif, Hajj Mohamed Hussein Mandoor

So despite what some officials have been saying, it seems there are still factions of the NDP hoping to build up enough support for Gamal to let the aging Hosni stand down next year and let his son take over.