Protest rap in North Africa

There’s an interesting mini-trend of rappers releasing protest songs in some of the North Africa countries to coincide with the street protests. El General (real name Hamada Ben Amor) in Tunisia became the most prominent when he released President, Your People Are Dying in the final days of the Ben Ali regime.

There are others in Libya and Egypt too, but overall the Tunisians seem to be doing the best stuff, including Psyco M.

Here are some of the ones I've come across so far:

El Général (Tunisia) President, Your People Are Dying


Psyco M (Tunisia) Jeu Politique 2011


Ibn Thabit (Libya) Poverty & Corruption


And last but not least, this one from Egypt  - can't find a version I can embed into this site so you'll just have to click through on one of the links...

Arabian Knightz (Egypt)  featuring Lauryn Hill Rebel