Qatar is just too cold for some

Under the headline “Drunkards Shouldn't Apply”, a fresh portrait of Qatar emerges in today’s issue of the Times of Swaziland, as a place that locals might find too cold and too dry for comfort. The two governments signed a deal earlier in May designed to make it easier for people from the small, poor African country to go and work in the small, rich Middle East state. But Lutfo Dlamini, the Swazi Minister of Labour & Social Security, has a few words of warming for his compatriots.

According to the paper, he says Qatar is very strict about alcohol consumption and alcoholic beverages are very scarce in that country. That’s fair enough. You can get a drink in Doha, but it’s certainly not as freely available as in Dubai for example.

His second warning seems more of a stretch. Anyone with extreme medical conditions are not encouraged to take the risk with the cold temperatures in Qatar, which at times can drop below seven degrees Celsius.

It was a cloudy day today in Mbabane, the capital of Swaziland, and temperatures didn’t rise above 16 degrees.  In Doha it was closer to 40 degrees.