Shipping threats provide rough introduction to Johnson administration

The UK’s new Brexit-driven government is weakened by domestic political turmoil and finding it hard to identify a credible response to Iran’s threats to shipping. While a majority of senior ministers in Boris Johnson’s administration lack experience in high office, many of them know the Gulf fairly well. Meanwhile, an under-resourced Royal Navy cannot act alone, posing questions about whose alliance to join

UK anti-corruption drive holds threats for Gulf investors

Wealthy investors would be well advised to take note of the growing use of unexplained wealth orders (UWOs) by the UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA). UWOs are a power given to the NCA and a number of other bodies in January 2018, via the Criminal Finances Act 2017. London property, a favoured asset class for many Gulf nationals, is proving to be the main target of the orders so far.

Politics of disunity and animosity in the GCC reshapes the regional landscape

The GCC region ends 2018 with an even greater sense of discord than it began, after the six-member grouping’s annual summit in Riyadh was characterised by bickering and widespread antipathy. Qatar’s decision to quit Opec further reinforces the sense that a long-term realignment of alliances is under way