Iran Warns Its Electricity Grid Is Becoming Unstable Because Of Power-Hungry Bitcoin Miners

Bitcoin has promised many things for Iran, not least a route to bypass U.S. sanctions, but now it threatens to be a source of problems rather than solutions. According to local media reports, the Iranian government is blaming bitcoin miners for a potentially unsustainable surge in electricity use.

Tehran keeps the Gulf guessing as tanker attacks raise new questions

The weight of evidence points to Iranian culpability for the mid-June attacks on two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman, but many US allies are still cautious, fearful of enabling another rush to war. The geopolitical calculations are complicated by uncertainty over who is driving policy and covert operations in Tehran

Trump allies keep Bahrain conference and Palestinian deal in play

Trump allies keep Bahrain conference and Palestinian deal in play

Bahrain has had to defend itself against widespread criticism of the Palestinian economic summit it is due to host later his month, in conjunction with the United States, as the first element of the White House’s efforts to rekindle an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal. The ‘economic workshop’ scheduled for 25-26 June is being shunned by the Palestinian leadership and most of its business community, as well as by China and Russia.

Kuwait: Wave of grilling requests

Kuwait: Wave of grilling requests

Further battles between the National Assembly and the executive beckon, as opposition MPs continue to raise concerns about corruption and mismanagement in ministries. Latest in the firing line are interior minister Sheikh Khaled Al-Jarrah Al-Sabah, who is being targeted for a grilling (official questioning) by MP Riyadh Al-Adasani over lax border controls, and health minister Sheikh Basel Al-Sabah, who MP Omar Al-Tabtabai wants to question over alleged corruption during the construction of the KD 179m ($589m) Sabah hospital.

Saudi and UAE allies search for loopholes to continue arms sales

Western allies of Saudi Arabia and the UAE are having to get creative in order to continue delivering weaponry to the Gulf. The United States and United Kingdom governments are both seeking loopholes to be able to fulfil previously agreed contracts. However, some deals continue to be held up, notably in France where another shipment of arms destined for Saudi Arabia has failed to leave port.

UK anti-corruption drive holds threats for Gulf investors

Wealthy investors would be well advised to take note of the growing use of unexplained wealth orders (UWOs) by the UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA). UWOs are a power given to the NCA and a number of other bodies in January 2018, via the Criminal Finances Act 2017. London property, a favoured asset class for many Gulf nationals, is proving to be the main target of the orders so far.

How The Gulf's Appetite For Shisha Is Fuelling One Of The Deadliest Terrorist Groups In The World

Someone relaxing in a Gulf café by smoking a shisha pipe may not realise it, but the burning coals carefully placed on top of the hookah to heat the tobacco are not just fuelling their pleasure; they are also helping to fund a campaign of violence in one of the world’s poorest countries.