I've had short stories published in a number of literary magazines. Click through below to find out more.



Structo, issue 10

Fender pulled on his longjohns and tugged his thermal vest over his head. A thick pair of trousers followed, as did two pairs of socks, one over the other. Then a shirt and a jumper. Heavy boots. He walked towards the door and took the winter coat off the peg and enveloped himself within. He looked around for his hat and scarf but couldn’t find them. He cursed and, after pulling on his gloves, decided to brave it and head out without them. He stepped through the door and into the street. It was 26 degrees Celsius, the warmest day for months...


Popshot, issue 12

The first time I saw Alex she was scribbling furiously in a book. The second time she was doing the same, her pen skimming across the page. On the third occasion I went and asked her what she was doing. At that point she looked up, surveyed me and focused back on her book where she carried on as before. I followed her lead and, upside down, saw her write what I had just said...


The Offbeat, volume 16

..Yet the farmer was starting to become dissatisfied. The eggs and the milk and the cheese might be great (and they were), but they didn't really make a full meal. What he really wanted was something he could get his teeth stuck into, something he could chew around in his mouth properly, something that would really fill him up. It slowly dawned on him what he really wanted was to see what the cow tasted like